Service Technical

Product management

In past 2 decades, By working with more than 200 customers who are in the top position of each industrial mostly, Etron establishes a high experienced Engineering team with expertise in product developing, testing technology, assembly technology, quality and reliability control ,will help you complete product from design to market application with high quality and fast speed.


Our talent design team help you to generate completed product with specification provided, while addressing your challenges with innovative solution. Benefit by our strong supply chain capability, the customized solution comes with cost competitiveness and flexibility always.

DFM(Design for Manufacturing)

Postponed by modern technical tools, we use DFM (design for manufacturing) software to joint customer product developing cycle from early stage, bring value-added manufacturing service to end user.

Failure mode Analysis

We set up a matrix group to keep working with customer, leverage our expertise on failure analysis and warranty return improvement, actively contribute preventive method to minimize future problems.

Full function FCT developing

We have dedicate team to design test solution that meet customer specification, Neighboring the assembly workshop, the testing solutions are proved as high efficiency and reliability always.

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