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Dragon Boat Race

The annual Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race has ended successfully at the Jinji Lake Pier on the Dragon Boat Festival,66 Chinese and foreign teams gathered here for a water battle.

At 7:30 on the same day, our team members raised their flags with confidence and calmness, stepped into the waiting area.

Etron booked the Ganesh Indian Restaurant on the side of Jinji Lake as a point of view and base camp, and invited family members and guests to cheer for our team members.

Davy, our operation VP, turned into a dedicated drummer at the scene.




Our cheerleaders is undoubtedly the most beautiful scenery of the audience. They attracted the attention of the audience and won unanimous praise.



After the starting gun sounds, the dragon boats set off.



Etron women's team won the qualification for the finals with the second place in the group stage and the fifth place in the women's preliminary.



Although our men's team has missed the finals, the spirit of unity and hard work is obvious to all. After the preliminaries, everyone came to the waiting area to cheer for our women's team.



This time our women's team was on the 2nd channel, After a fierce competition, Etron women's team won the fifth place. Cheer for the power of our women's team!





At the end of the game, the players of the Etron Dragon Boat Team returned triumphantly. Chairman James and General Manager Harry opened champagne at the entrance to our base camp to welcome our heroes.

Food and wine, everyone enjoys the joy of victory together.



In this competition, not only the strength of the competition was used, we also showed the morale and the spirit of the whole Etron team!



Thanks to the dragon boat team members, we will make another great achievement next year!


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