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The Story of ETRON and Barbecue

December 23rd
ETRON held a Christmas barbecue party
More than 1,600 participants
Spent an unforgettable Christmas
Christmas tree Ambilight
Aromatic and delicious barbecue
Happy and wonderful performance......
With the rising of charcoal fire, the atmosphere was lit
Happy and warm Christmas atmosphere
In beautiful scenery and delicious food
ETRON greeted the 2018 full of expectation
 The decorations on the scene were delicate
Nice food and wine were dazzling
The sound of the glass collision
The sound of the meat rolls over on the charcoal fire
The sound of conversation and cheering
Interwoven into a wonderful Christmas party rhapsody
All kinds of interactive games are also interspersed during the period
Stirred layers of Christmas heat waves

While enjoying the audio-visual taste feast
The party was filled with surprises
Santa Claus played by ETRON staff
presented beautiful gifts for everyone
Clown and cartoon characters brought brilliant and cute performance
Our company also blew a retro style
Leaders appeared in a variety of shapes
They took pictures and played games with staffs
Christmas BBQ was pushed to another climax

Santa with red beard and white beard
Reindeer Rudolph with red nose
Gold and silver shades
Glittering Christmas tree
Steaming barbecue
Winter with warmth and enthusiasm
That was
the Story of ETRON and Barbecue!

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