Markets High-end Consumer Product

High-end Consumer Product

We are producing products for high-end customers in cleaning machine, electronical tools, sanitary ware and so on.

The service we provide to the customers in this area is fast and flexible. We work closely with customer to minimum the time for sampling and material preparation. As the idea can be changed often in this area, with the great efficiency of the engineering team and supply chain we can follow the change of customer closely. All of this will help our customer to show their idea to the market as early as possible.

Value added service

▶ We can also provide DFM report before making the prototyping and it helps customer to avoid obvious mistake and reduce the necessary time for NPI.

▶ We are able to provide the solutions of alternative parts to customer to reduce the cost or lead time.

▶ we can also help customer to design the functional test device to guarantee the quality of output goods.

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