Markets Health Care Product

Health Care Product

We are producing products of assembled PCBA of medical device for analysis, diagnosis and Treatment.

The products in this area are always have strong relationship with the life of human beings, then the realibility of products is of the highest priority. We totally understand that the quantity need in this area will not be so big, and requirement is high.

With the help of strong engineering team and reliability quality control system, we are able to provide products with high quality performance continuously.

Value added service

▶ We can also provide DFM report before making the prototyping and it helps customer to avoid obvious mistake and reduce the necessary time for NPI.

▶ We can also help customer to design the functional test device to guarantee the quality of output goods.

▶ We have a lab certificated by CMA which can provide the test report about soldering reliability, soldering process and products reliability.

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