Markets Telecommunication Product

Telecommunication Product
Application scope of service products

Our service products cover most of communication product such as Wireless Filter and DDCS…Used on antenna building, data center and enterprise network. Communication markets growing are fast year by year. At Etron. We manager the most of complex technology and intricate supply chain, and we used our management advantage to provide customer high value service on project management, supply chain design and logistic design to achieve cost saving for help to customer’s product enter markets quickly.

Value added of service

We know communication products complex and demand unstable based on changing markets…that is need to service vendor have strong supply chain to solve your quickly changing to responding markets changing accordingly. Our excellent team can help you tackle your toughest challenges.

To better serve you and meet your technological requirements, we are redefining manufacturing business models and finding new ways to create value on processing, Failure analysis and DFM… With strong partnerships with you and a willingness to invest in innovation, Etron is committed to finding and delivering value to our customers.

Communication Capability

▶ Design for manufactory (DFM).

▶ Supply Chain management.

▶ Printed Circuit Assembly and Test.

▶ Total solution for design ICT and FCT including hardware and software.

▶ Printed Circuit Assembly and Test.

▶ Failure Analysis.

▶ System integration.

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