Markets Industrial Product

Industrial Product
Application scope of service products

The connected enterprise is in high-complexity, multi-technology electromechanical products such as power supply, motor driver device, smart meters and test measurement. The application industries included service system, wind power generation and intelligent instrument.

Value added service

Complexity industry products need to requirements service vendor have high quality performance, agile response, flexible production capacity to Responding to complex and changing demand. We know that reliability and productivity are critical to delivering on your brand, our excellent team have more experience on that in the past 16 years. In additional. Etron works with you closely to design and implement a smarter supply chain solution to help you bring high quality products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Industrial capability

▶ Design products according to customer requirements.

▶ Design For Manufactory (DFM).

▶ Total solution for design ICT and FCT including hardware and software.

▶ Product Qualification Services.

▶ Printed Circuit Assembly and Test.

▶ High Level Systems Integration.

▶ Failure Analysis.

▶ End-of-life product management.

▶ Design quality control plan.

▶ Supply chain design.

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